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Ipu Heke
(Double Gourd Drum)
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Last Updated: Jan 16, 2011

 Price based on Height.  Natural Color.

Ipu Heke


Ipu Hekes


Height Price
12" Tall $60.00
13" Tall $65.00
14" Tall $70.00
15" Tall $80.00

16" Tall $95.00
17" Tall $110.00
18" Tall $125.00
19" Tall $140.00

20" Tall $155.00
21" Tall $170.00
22" Tall $185.00
23" Tall $200.00

Extra Large add $30 / inch (26" and above)
24" Tall $225.00
25" Tall $250.00
26" Tall $280.00

Small to Medium Ipu Heke Add $10
Large Ipu Heke Add $25
Extra Large Ipu Heke Add $40

Braided Macrame Cordage
(Choose Black, Burgundy, Brown, Beige, White, or 2-color combination)

Add $2.00

Size Help
If the Ipu Heke is for a child, or for use with 'Auana (modern) hulas, our biggest sellers are the small sizes 12" to 15" tall.

If the Ipu Heke is a teen or adult Ho'opa'a (chanter), use a yardstick to measure the distance from the floor to the mid-chest area while in playing position (either kneeling or sitting). That measurement will be the maximum recommended height, but a few inches shorter will also work well.

Extra savings with our Discount/Ugly Ipus.

Often an Ipu Heke will not sit flat.  If this characteristic is important to you, or if you will be using your drum as stage decoration, please let us know.

Each Ipu Heke comes with a single strand macrame cord and your choice of either unfinished or light gloss finish.

If you'd like an Ipu Heke with extraordinary natural color markings, please add $15.00.

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